The school holiday doldrums

Next week is the half term school break for my son, which means a week of me having to keep him home, keep him fed, and keep him entertained, all the while itching to get back to Mood Flip. Life is about balance, sure.  And I will enjoy taking a break from game dev here and there to play Pinch Monsters with him or read a book together or take him to the cinema and afterwards explain for the umpteenth time why McDonalds is a poor nutritious substitute for “real food”.  But as anyone with kids can no doubt attest, the demands of […]

Procrastination, perfectionism, and polishing

Much of my recent code cleaning/load time tinkering/performance refactoring has been just small skirmishes in a long-running overall battle with my tendency towards excessive over-polishing.  In the past I have spent far more time on, for example, my Log utility (nothing more than a fancy console logger with a dashboard for tweaking parameters on the fly) than I should have for something so trivial, and although it’s still productivity of a sort, it reeks of procrastination.  It’s almost as though my brain is paranoid about “smarter people” one day digging into my code and sticking their noses up at it.  And […]