The Deadline

I know I haven’t written much on here for a while (because, frankly, nobody is reading this blog), but nevertheless, today’s post is about the self-imposed deadline I’ve been crunching on lately.

Pretty soon I’ll be on a plane back to Australia to visit family and friends over Easter.  And what I intend to have on my phone before that flight, and currently have one day left to develop, is a build of Mood Flip that contains proper file handling for levels created in the level editor.  If I can complete that, I’ll be able to work on level design on the phone while I’m travelling and have nothing to do, so I’ll still effectively be working on the game.  Last year I wrote the bulk of the game music on holiday using a phone music app while relaxing in the bar, so it can still be a productive time.

Over the last two days I’ve worked on populating the campaign levels into the Load Level menu screen and working up some basic UI functionality there so that users can select a previously played level and replay it.  Here’s how it looks (placeholder graphics for now, but knowing myself, most of that will probably end up being the final graphics as well once I get used to seeing it).

2016-03-21 12_38_41-Unity Personal (64bit) - aaa_scene_main.unity - project - iPhone, iPod Touch and

Users can also switch to other level sets such as levels they’ve imported or levels they’ve created themselves in the editor.  At the moment though, that saving functionality isn’t written, and that’s my job for today.  Nothing like a deadline to get the creative juices flowing!

Anyway, less blathering and more debugging, methinks.  Wish me luck!

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