The school holiday doldrums

Next week is the half term school break for my son, which means a week of me having to keep him home, keep him fed, and keep him entertained, all the while itching to get back to Mood Flip. Life is about balance, sure.  And I will enjoy taking a break from game dev here and there to play Pinch Monsters with him or read a book together or take him to the cinema and afterwards explain for the umpteenth time why McDonalds is a poor nutritious substitute for “real food”.  But as anyone with kids can no doubt attest, the demands of […]

Buying a new computer, the Mood Flip origin story, and tutorial design

For a number of years now, I’ve been using a Mac.  While I’ve still been able to play some games on the Mac, it’s very limited in that regard, and my Steam account is full of awesome titles that I have not yet been able to play and have been stockpiling during sales in anticipation of my next real computer.  I’ve been okay with waiting until now, but with my Oculus Rift pre-ordered and soon to be on its way, it’s time to return to Windows and buy a new VR-ready gaming PC.  I’ll also be shifting my Unity game development […]