Comedy and Tragedy and a little Blender magic

After months of staring at the ugly placeholder icon for Mood Flip on my phone build, I have finally knuckled down with Blender and created the final (probably) icon and splash screen graphics:

Mood Flip icon and splash screen image


Some of you might recognise it as a little “meta” play on those old theatre drama masks of Comedy and Tragedy:



Hence the title of this post.  Anyway I feel good to finally have some proper artwork in there after all this time.

To make it, I loaded my highest quality model back into Blender.  While these meshes might look like simple spheres to the naked eye, they were actually quite painstakingly constructed to (a) fit within Unity’s vertex limits for dynamic batching, and (b) rearrange the UVs so that the front faces of the model where the Moodie texture will be the most visible are contained within 100% of the UV layout space – the rest of the UVs for the back and sides, which only need to be a single ungraded colour, are then scaled down and repositioned into a tiny concentrated dot in one corner.

By the way, to give you an idea how I did that for anyone who might need to do something similar, here’s how that looks in Blender:

Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 20.36.06


Anyway once I had my model loaded in there, I gave it one of the Happy textures and positioned it appropriately.  Then I duplicated it to create a second one and did the same with a Sad texture.  Finally, I added a plane and put a nebula space texture on it, and then spent a good hour fiddling with lighting and other rendering settings before I was satisfied.  After that, it was just a whole lot of F12 to render at different resolutions and then saving the images to files ready for importing into Unity.  Not too shabby for a piece of “programmer art”, if I do say so myself.

Tomorrow it’ll be back to what I’m best at though: coding.  Got a few known bugs to tackle, and then it’s on to the Great FaceHandler Class Rewrite of 2016, an arduous business that I have not been looking forward to, but which needs to be tackled sooner or later, and it might as well be sooner.


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