Procrastination, perfectionism, and polishing

Much of my recent code cleaning/load time tinkering/performance refactoring has been just small skirmishes in a long-running overall battle with my tendency towards excessive over-polishing.  In the past I have spent far more time on, for example, my Log utility (nothing more than a fancy console logger with a dashboard for tweaking parameters on the fly) than I should have for something so trivial, and although it’s still productivity of a sort, it reeks of procrastination.  It’s almost as though my brain is paranoid about “smarter people” one day digging into my code and sticking their noses up at it.  And […]

The saga of the load times

As I’ve added more and more features to the Mood Flip code, the time it has taken for a test build to load on my old iPhone 4S relic has also gradually increased.  Although I’ve tried to avoid the trap of “premature optimisation” for as long as I could, when a recent build basically tripled the average load time to 76 seconds (counted as the time from tapping the icon until the moment the main menu comes up and can be interacted with) I knew I had to do something about it. For reference, creating a fresh Unity iOS build, […]

Work in progress

Welcome to The Flip Side! While Mood Flip itself is still in development, it’s never too early to start getting the word out.  Or to just ramble on about nonsense.  I don’t expect to see too much traffic on this site just yet until there’s an actual released game for people to talk about, but I do like the idea of blogging about my development process and learning more about running a website.  And so here we are. What is Mood Flip anyway?  Well, it’s a little puzzle game for mobile devices (iOS and Android at this point) where the goal is to flip your […]