Mood Flip

About the game

Mood Flip is a mobile puzzle game currently in development and planned for release late-2017 on iOS and Android devices.  The game will be free to play.

The goal of each level is to flip all of the Moodies to Happy within a set number of moves.  You can tap to flip a single Moodie, or you can push down with your finger to bend space and flip a whole group of Moodies at once.  The challenge of the game is to figure out how to combine these to flip them all before running out of moves.

As well as an extensive Happy campaign, there’ll also be a second set of levels where you need to flip all of the Moodies to Sad.  Because sometimes you just feel blue.  And if you still want more, there’s a built-in level editor so that you can create and share your own fiendishly difficult levels, or import levels made by your friends.


Meet the Moodies

Here are just a few of the Moodies you’ll encounter in the game – each Moodie has its own personality and rules about how and when it will flip.

Happy always flips to Sad
Sad always flips to Happy
Watch out for Sick spreading to other Moodies!
Angry will only become Happy if its neighbouring Moodies are Happy too







About me

Mood Flip is being developed in the Unity 3D engine by a team of one (slightly crazy) programmer, supported by his long-suffering family of soon-to-be beta testers.  If you like what you see, please help to spread the word by letting other people know about my game, and feel free to sign up to the forums.

See you on the Flip Side!

The slightly crazy programmer in question









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